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Keith Richards Defines Homo sapiens as a Social Animal

Posted by Richard Conniff on January 8, 2011

Keith Richards, of all people, nails the idea of humans as an obligate social species in his memoir, Life:

“I take the view that God, in his infinite wisdom, didn’t bother to spring for two joints — heaven and hell. They’re the same place, but heaven is when you get everything you want and you meet Mommy and Daddy and your best friends and you all have a hug and a kiss and play your harps.  Hell is the same place — no fire and brimstone — but they just all pass by and don’t see you. There’s nothing, no recognition. You’re waving, ‘It’s me, your father,’ but you’re invisible. You’re on a cloud, you’ve got your harp, but you can’t play with nobody because they don’t see you. That’s hell.” (Keith Richards, Life, p. 431 )

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