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Flaming Barricades and the Species Seeking Life

Posted by Richard Conniff on February 7, 2011

You might enjoy a short interview that aired recently, about flaming barricades and other hazards of the species seeking life, on John Hockenberry’s PRI show The Takeaway.

The Species Seekers also continues to pick up enthusiastic reviews, with a few excerpts listed below.  A friend recently asked if the book includes any sex and, after desperately searching my memory for a bodice-ripping anecdote (other than Mary Kingsley plunging into a pit lined with sharpened stakes), I had to say no.  Even so, it’s been moving up steadily on sales lists.  I’d appreciate your help in spreading the word:

A swashbuckling romp…brilliantly evokes that just-before Darwin era. (BBC Focus )

An enduring story bursting at the seams with intriguing, fantastical and disturbing anecdotes. (New Scientist )

[Conniff’s] enthusiasm for his subject and admiration of these explorers is infectious . . . an entertaining survey. (Kirkus Reviews )

An anecdotal romp through the strange history of naturalism. Absurd characters, exciting discoveries, and fierce rivalries abound. (Outside Magazine )

[This] history of the ‘great age of discovery’ is spellbinding. (Publishers Weekly )

This beautifully written book has the verve of an adventure story. (Wall Street Journal )


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