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  • Richard Conniff writes about behavior, in humans and other animals, on two, four, six, and eight legs, plus the occasional slither.

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My Book Cover Avatars

Posted by Richard Conniff on February 14, 2011

I’ve just received a copy (cover at left) of the Japanese edition of Swimming With Piranhas at Feeding Time–My Life Doing Dumb Stuff with Animals, and apparently the art department there imagines me as a muscular Cat Stevens type in a 1920s bathing suit.   Previously, the U.S. paperback of The Natural History of the Rich:  A Field Guide (cover in middle) depicted me as a short-sighted Jewish anthropologist in a pith helmet, apparently specializing in the earwax of plutocrats.   I am not complaining:  The Chinese edition of The Ape in the Corner Office (cover at right) is an actual author photograph, during a thoughtful moment in my study.


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