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A Taste for Wormy Acorns

Posted by Richard Conniff on January 23, 2013

A diet of worms (Photo:Rasbak)

A diet of worms (Photo:Rasbak)

There is no accounting for taste, and a new study from Spain suggests that the small burrowing rodents known as voles actually prefer acorns with a fat, juicy worm inside.  For the protein, apparently.

Beware that the press release was written by someone for whom English is a second (or possibly third) language:



Curious Interaction in Regeneration of Oak Forests: Voles Know Which Acorns Have Insect Larvae

January 22, 2013 — Researchers have observed as voles are able to distinguish the acorns containing insect larvae from those that do not. This fact determines the dispersion and germination of acorns, and therefore the … > full story



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