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The Romantic Moth

Posted by Richard Conniff on February 13, 2013

Moths do it.  (Photo: Raiwen)

Moths do it. (Photo: Raiwen)

This photo caught my eye, on the eve of Valentine’s Day.  I’m maybe leaping to a conclusion that these lovely creatures are having sex.  It’s possible, I suppose, that the male is just hanging on afterward for a tiresome interlude of mate-guarding.  But the species is named Amata alicia, which in my high school Latin translates as “the beloved Alicia.”  So I am going with romance.

The photo, by Raiwen, was taken in grassland, in the Sudano Guinean Tree Savanna Region, Moyenne Guinée, Guinea, West Africa.  It’s part of a Field Guide to the Moths of Africa on Flickr


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