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The Body Eclectic on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Posted by Richard Conniff on May 8, 2013

On “Washington Journal” this morning, Greta Brawner interviewed me about my microbiome story in the May issue of Smithsonian.  You can see the show here.  Look carefully and see me not smile for 42 minutes!


2 Responses to “The Body Eclectic on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal”

  1. Ann Long Holland said

    FYI – Thanks for this amazing article because it brings back memories of a tiny preemie born in the old wooden Walter Reed Army Hospital to US Army parents (my then 18 yrs old daughter was married to a US Army Soldier). No one expected that tiny little one to live because he was already being consumed by that wicked NEC (necrotizing enteriocolitis) that you’ve recently written about. That first grandchild has struggled with life for all of his 33 years; was educated in numerous very expensive special facilities all over the south and joined a CUB Scout Unit while in an Orlando, FL Rehab Facility, etc. His abdominal area is not ‘pretty’ but those Walter Reed sur-geons did the best they could at the time. As a growing little ‘kid’ grandson George was a handful because trips to bathrooms were worse than nightmares and anything with sugar was pure HELL!. Eventually, he became an EAGLE Scout and this grand-mother was determined he would eventually grow up and he sorta has. Got talked into marrying; then had 2 terribly handicapped children with his first marriage so he gave up them up via a VA Court.
    Where is that ‘no-longer’ little fellow? Well, the last time I heard from he and his new wife they are living in OAK RIDGE, TN not far from the main gate where this grandma once worked. I applaud you! AND, I have a sister-in-law who is and is their contributing membership director..

  2. Thank you, Ann.

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