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Ninja Seahorse Sneak Attack

Posted by Richard Conniff on November 27, 2013

This brief video comes from Discover Magazine:

And here’s their text:

Forget Sharknado. The scariest thing to come out of the ocean recently is a video capturing the stealthy advance and attack of a seahorse.

The video came about during research on whether the shape of a seahorse’s head changes its hydrodynamic profile (it does). The animal’s creeping, shadowy profile hunting unsuspecting potential snacks is the stuff of nightmares.

But the video also demonstrates how the dwarf seahorse Hippocampus zosterae, and other members of its family, advance on prey with minimal water disruption. The shape of its head and its stealthy pre-attack posture allow the seahorse to achieve what the researchers call “hydrodynamic silence,” meaning it avoids stirring up the water as it moves, a disturbance that would be detected by its prey.

See their full account here.

And here’s a link to the original study in Nature Communications.


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