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Visualizing the Insides of an Ant’s Head

Posted by Richard Conniff on January 15, 2014


I’m pretty sure I don’t understand the science here.  I just like the image.

This is from a new study in some massively obscure scientific journal.  If I am reading it right, it describes a technique for using hydrogen peroxide and a clearing agent to make an ant’s skin transparent.  With the help of a  confocal laser scanning microscope and fluorescent markers, the result is that you can then see the tiny internal organs in place.

To which I say: Wow.

If you are familiar with the macro photography images of ants heads, like the one I published just the other day, this is like suddenly getting behind the mask, or being invited in to walk around Darth Vader’s brain.

Next thing, we will find ourselves engaging in Socratic dialogues with ants.

Here’s another one, of a leafcutter ant, front view left, side view right:



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