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Bird Schools Fox on Dinosaur Ancestry

Posted by Richard Conniff on December 6, 2013

bird seizes fox

Not long ago, I posted pictures of an eagle taking on a Saiga deer.  This time it’s an Australian wedge tailed eagle carrying off a fox.  These birds also have a reputation for attacking hang-gliders and paragliders.

Check out the legs on this female taking off from nest:


It kind of makes me think of Rodan, “the giant monster of the sky,” in the 1956 science fiction movie.  Rodan was a flying dinosaur that could destroy everything in its path with beak, talon, or sonic boom.


Or, uh, wait, I’m a wildlife writer.  What I mean to say is, “Gee, what a beautiful bird.”


11 Responses to “Bird Schools Fox on Dinosaur Ancestry”

  1. I was once in a glider around 1500 ft (in Victoria, Australia) and a wedgetail eagle sat in the thermal opposite us, and spent a good few minutes checking us out before he decided we weren’t a threat to his space.

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